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Freedom Book Club's June 2013 Book of the Month


"A rollicking celebration of excellence - SHOULD BE A MOVIE! It has everything! Stunning women, including an over-the-top awesome female co-star; fast cars; technology; chases galore; comic foils; and action and romance. Isenberg writes with imagination and intelligence."

    Kia Heavey, Author, Night Machines

The economy has crashed (again), the Nanny State is out of control, and software engineer Gimbel OHare just wants to do his job. Not easy, given that his boss is out to get him, the Department of Justice has him under surveillance, and one of his co-workers is suing him for sexual harassment. He finds refuge by indulging in spy movies; his obsession with Jon Dunn, Secret Agent Beta-11, leads him on an off-the-wall journey around metro-Washington, from the ruins of a once fashionable mall, to a psychiatric ward in a military hospital, to the office of the Attorney General of the United States. With the help of redheaded amazon Cheri Tarte, Gimbel is on the trail of a dangerous and possibly imaginary conspiracy to steal a presidential election and fundamentally transform America.

Michael Isenberg has had a checkered career as a Six Sigma Black Belt, weapons merchant, astrophysicist, and manufacturer of cigarette butts. He resides in New England with 878 books and an elderly cat that bites people.

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Five Stars Rave1706: "As an Independent - with Democratic leanings - on the political spectrum, I was highly skeptical of this libertarian fantasy novel but decided to read it on a friend's recommendation. Going out of my comfort zone here was certainly rewarded with this amusing and thought-provoking book. (more...)."


Five Stars Cristina M. Crawford: "A genre unto itself. Unlike most libertarian-leaning dystopian fiction, this book is actually fun to read....After I read this, I couldn't help wondering why the likes of George Orwell and Ayn Rand had to be so grim (more...)."


Five Stars Rhamph: "Humor! Action! Political philosophy! Full Asylum is the story of the transformation of an office geek into a James Bond-like character as he tries to stay one step ahead of a government that's taking away liberties in the name of social good....Enjoyable and thought-provoking (more...)."


Five Stars Carolyn: "Clever and Fun. This novel reads like it was set in Dilbert's cubicle, with George Burns, Gracie Allen, and some combination of the Monty Python Cast and the Marx Brothers in the cast (more...)."

Christine Morabito, President, Greater Boston Tea Party: "Atlas Shrugged with professional wrestlers. A whimsical window into the world of Big Government, spy movies, and cavity searches."


Jamie Wilson, ConservativeFiction.com: "Was it good? No, it was outstanding....Im a sucker for eccentric characters, and there are some real gems in this book, particularly Brownie, the old hippie with a surprising love for dangerous technological tinkering...I think every single conservative and libertarian out there with a shred of humor would love this book....Im not kidding get it (more...)."


Terry Reiber, PACTV: "A great read (more...)."


John Niewicki, Gather.com: "A fun new addition to my library, it combines action, humor, and the real issues of 2012. This timely piece is a fun read for anyone looking for an interesting perspective on the serious problems we face today, while also getting away a bit from the reality of it all (more...)."


ConservativeBookstore.com: "a fun read, but also a thoughtful piece that will have the reader laughing and crying at the same time. (more...)."


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